The PTO is in need of a Committee Chair to help organize and run Odyssey of the Mind for the 2019-2020 school year. If we do not get a committee chair we will not be able to host this event. Contact LaNetra Tate if interested in helping us run this program.
Below is information for the Odyssey of the Mind Chair
Position begins in September. 5-10 hours a month.
Summary of Responsibilities: 
1. Increasing Odyssey of the Mind Awareness:
* Raise awareness of the Odyssey of the Mind program in the initial days/weeks of the school year
* Explain how the program works to the many kids and parents that participate for the first time
* Remind parents/kids who have previously participated to re-register for the new year
2. Reviewing Applications and Drawing Teams: 
* Review applications from the students and determine drawing teams based on different criteria
* Interact with parents who are interested in coaching and identify coaches for the drawing teams
3. Guiding Coaches & Teams:
* Guide the coaches and the members of the teams. Especially if the coaches are coaching for the first time, they need more support as compared to coaches who have previously coached in the program.
4. Point of Communication for Regional Coordinator:
* Serve as the single point of communication for the Dulles Regional coordinator.
* Register the teams
* Register coaches for coaches training
* Communicate any changes to team structures
* Pass guidelines from the coordinators to the respective teams
* Keep track of Odyssey of the Mind finances
5. Guiding Teams to prepare for Competition Date:
* Assist first time coaches prepare for the competition date
Odyssey of the Mind Coach Opportunity - Become a coach for one of the classes; Become a coach for the small team regional competition; Assist chair with coordination duties